Detailed, Insightful Reports

  • Employer reports: Tax Liability, Tax and Wage Summary, Total Pay, Tax Payments, Workers Compensation, Vacation and Sick Leave, Billing Summary, Total Cost and Retirement Plans
  • Employee Reports, Payroll Summary, Payroll Details, Deductions, Last Paycheck and Employee Details

Automatic Time Tracking

Save Time & Reduce Costly Errors by allowing your employees to track their own hours online and eliminate double input. It can be a real pain to track employees and re-enter the data, especially when you have to follow complicated overtime rules.

  • Reduce costly errors by automatically calculating total hours worked (including overtime)
  • Reduce compliance risks by applying state and federal overtime and double time rules
  • Save valuable time eliminating double input by allowing employees to enter their own hours online
  • Fully integrated with payroll so you never have to calculate or re-enter hours
  • Automatic Email Reminders to employees when timesheets are due
  • Flexible option
    • Online timesheets on a password protected website


    • Multi-user online timeclock where employees can clock in and out

Accounting Software Integration

  • Payroll data integration available for Quickbooks®, Quickbooks Online Edition, Quickbooks for MAC, Peachtree®, ATX Client Write-Up™, TaxWise Client Write-Up™, CCH ProSystem fx® Write-Up, and Microsoft® Money

Work With Your Smart Phone

Get reminders sent to your phone to prepare payroll, make tax payments, tax filings and even do all of these tasks from your phone!